Experience from learning C++

Over the last weeks I’ve been focusing on C++ in order to broaden my job options and apply for a specific job offer.

After learning Java beforehand it is an interesting experience that allowed me to learn both about similarities and differences between the languages. I understood firsthand that many programming languages are closely related and that knowledge of one of them can be very beneficial when trying to learn the another. Even if I don’t end up getting a job related to C++, time spent on it was definitely worth it.

Clearly just acquiring knowledge by reading something over internet isn’t enough when it comes to gaining new insights. While I read many times about similarities between the programming languages, only now after seriously learning Java and then C++ I really felt how closely related they are. On the other hand, JavaScript seemed quite different to me and was confusing at times.

This marks my first efforts to find an actual programming job, since I sent my CV today applying for a job. Before that I only asked at my current job whether they are looking for a new developer/intern.

My goal stays the same: to find a job as a developer by May 2020.

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