The Web Developer Bootcamp Part 2 – Breaking Through

Here is a continuation from The Web Developer Bootcamp Part 1.

At first I wanted to write how many hours I spend on web development every week. Then I thought about posting weekly updates. In the end I decided to write a few posts about the whole course experience.

I’m currently at lecture 147 out of 360.

I’ve done some TreeHouse course about front-end development in the past and I find this course better structured and the pace faster. The course begins with clearly laid out and explained syllabus, boldly exclaiming that there will be no PHP involved in this course 😉 I liked how the author compares HTML to the nouns, CSS to the adjectives and JavaScript to the verbs of the web development. In other words, HTML is there for the structure, CSS for the looks, JavaScript for any manipulation and interaction with the website.

What I found is that exercises are great here. At the beginning of the course it usually follows a pattern: introduction to a new concept, a task, a video solution. Later on there are many more code along tasks to do and some code snippets thrown at you to deduct what happens in them. You have to become a little more creative and do more than just follow the videos to learn the material and put some additional practice. I like to redo what the teacher does after the lecture is finished, referring to it only if I must. Sometimes I will add some changes of my own or make up an exercise for myself. The course asks you sometimes to research on your own. Makes a heavy use of Google Chrome’s Dev Tools and the teacher himself in the solutions shows you how you can use stackoverflow and Google to your advantage. This course is made in a way, as if the teacher wants to make sure you become a web developer someday. 

At some point, about lecture 75, I got stuck at Bootstrap going into procrastination mode. I found it very challenging for some reason at that point. Not that it necessarily is challenging, just my impression about it made me stuck for about 10 days without making any progress and not wanting to go back to the course materials.

What I’ve came to understand: it’s much easier to write something well from the beginning than have to fix it later.

It seems the course will take me more time than I would expect at first. Not that it’s bad. I know that I’m learning. You can find all that I’ve done so far on my GitHub repository,  folder called part 2. Covering HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and some basic JavaScript.

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