Year-end post, 2019.

As you might have noticed, since September I didn’t post anything here. I would like to shortly summarize what happened during the last 2.5 months.

Since October I went to study the 3rd semester of International Management online. I also joined the basic course at ASBiRO, a university where 97% of the teachers are entrepreneurs. Right now I’m working on submitting the 1st chapter of my graduation thesis before the semester ends (the topic includes both Management and Artificial Intelligence).

I found ASBiRO a truly fantastic place and a life enhancing experience. I get to spend time with people who I mostly seen on book covers, on YouTube or only heard about the things they create.

At work I’ve received a new contract, valid till the end of 2020, but I would like to quickly start a career in software development and start getting experience in it instead. While at my job I am deeply involved with software development, developers and the IT industry, I would like to get to do more coding.

I don’t regret at all being at two universities at the same time and having a job at sales in IT, but the uncomfortable truth about the last 2.5 months is that I didn’t spend much time on developing my coding skills. It’s not going as nearly as smoothly as I would like it to. I hope to get fully back into it by 15th of January once I get done with all the work at my university and it would be fantastic to find a software development job till the end of May.

Probably my private life is what has improved the most. I hope that my yet to come „software development career” will be what will improve the most in the first half of 2020 🙂

Oh right, it would be great to lose some more weight too. The rule of 2000 calories, 120g proteins, 2 meals seems to be working so far.

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