Ideas for blogging

Here I will keep some interesting ideas for the future.

  • record a live coding session on YouTube (e.g. doing exercises on freeCodeCamp)
  • create a tutorial on the blog
  • write a guest post
  • follow 10 other web development blogs and comment on them
  • do an interview with a web developer
  • do an interview with an owner of an IT company connected to web development
  • write a FAQ with questions that people starting into web development often have, like „when should I look for freelance projects?”
  • add my info in about
  • go to hackathon – possible job opportunities, a hackathon while on a trip abroad?
  • go to some Web dev related conferences and make a blog post about it
  • make a profile on upfront and other freelance jobs websites, look for projects to do
  • make a tutorial about some basics of web dev like HTML in Japanese, make a yt video!
  • post about from my perspective

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